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We believe that gymnastics is the building block for any sport and champion attitude. Along with physical and mental development and improvement, we seek to instill life skills and the character traits of a champion.


Triniti believes a Champion needs the following traits but is not limited to determination, work ethic, time management, responsibility, leadership, sportsmanship, discipline, respect and confidence. In addition, they are selected not just as a team member, but also a role model and leader both inside and outside the gym.

"It is the mission of Triniti Gymnastics Team to provide an encouraging environment where each gymnast can thrive in a safe and fun challenging atmosphere."




Triniti Gymnastics Xcel program is a national USA Gymnastics program of gymnastics levels that runs alongside the Women's Development Program (DP). The Xcel program is a completely separate, alternate program.

Typically the Xcel program has less time commitment than the USAG JD program so that athletes can still enjoy the competition of gymnastics as well as be involved with other activities.

All of the Xcel divisions are an optional format. Basically optional rules mean that there are only 4-5 routine requirements and each gymnast can have her routine choreographed for her personality and individual strengths and weaknesses. 

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Triniti Gymnastics competes Levels 3-5, compulsory gymnastics serves as the foundation for all progressions within the sport. For this reason, proficiency at the current level is required before moving onto the next level. At meets, these athletes perform the same routine within each designated level to a prescribed criterion.


Level 3 is a Developmental level that focuses on entry-level gymnastic skills, conditioning, and technique. Level 4 and 5 are progressive in nature. They continue focusing on fundamental skills and technique by building upon skills from the previous levels. Expectations at these levels become higher, while challenges become greater. In levels 4 and 5 an increase in commitment and practice time must occur in order to prepare athletes for Optional level gymnastics.



Triniti Gymnastics Optional Team consists of Levels 6-10 where upper-level gymnastics is performed. Longer and more frequent training is required due to more difficult elements being performed, along with further strength and flexibility necessary to complete these elements successfully.

In optional gymnastics there are a set of guidelines, or level requirements and routines are built around them. Each gymnast has her own music (on the Floor Exercise) and choreography. Her routine is built to show off her strengths.


It is at these levels that the girls start thinking towards their future careers and college scholarships. To be a Level 9 and 10 gymnast is an honor in itself, as these athletes must train exceptionally hard to achieve this level.

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